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Welcome to the demo for the Emilia WordPress theme by Georgia Lou Studios!

Welcome to the Emilia Demo!

This WordPress theme is packed with options and features. Check out all the options under the main menu to see all the layouts, slider options and more available with this theme!

You can easily customize your layout using the Customizer, as well as add your own touch with a custom logo/header, colors and fonts.

Georgia Lou Studios is a small web design agency focusing on (Blogspot) themes for bloggers.

Have a look around! We know you’re going to love the beautiful blog design!

Hi There!

My name is Maureen and I’ve been an elementary teacher for over a dozen years. My passion is creating. I love to create resources, new ideas, and crafts. I’m always looking for ways to make learning engaging while also keeping it easy-to-use for the teacher. Thanks for stopping by! Read More

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