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Independent Reading Accountability

January 16, 2020

Do you wonder if your students are actually reading during independent reading time? I know I did! I’ll share some ideas I have implemented in my 3rd grade classroom that motivated my students while making the most of independent reading time.

The whole system begins with students having an independent reading folder. Below is pictured a folder where the pockets are labeled Star Card (more on the Star Card later) and Read & Record. The Read & Record sheet is the piece where the accountability comes into play. Students use this along with reading task cards for each chapter they read. The best part is that students have a choice. There are 6 task cards. They are expected to pick one and respond to it for each chapter. Students may want to rotate the cards they choose, or you may only allow certain ones to be selected. This is flexible which allows for differentiation and gives you control over how students are interacting with their reading. They use the Read & Record sheet for all their responses. Once finished, they pass in a record of their reading. You can check out this resource here:

What I like about this is that once you establish the routine of how students should answer the task cards, it becomes a self managed activity.

The Star Card is an incentive plan to motivate and encourage reading. I have found when there is some sort of incentive in the classroom, I see much more engagement. Students earn a star on their card each time a book is completed. I’ve included homework passes and seat swap passes to use as prizes. You decide on how many stars you’d like your students to earn before they get a prize. I also like to include additional prize options. Check out my list…

  • Use special markers for the day
  • Line leader for the day
  • Wear your slippers in the classroom for the day
  • Wear a hat in the classroom for the day
  • Use special drawing paper instead of morning work
  • Lollipop (May not be your thing, but my kids love them!)

The Book Review slips can be an optional or required part of your system. I keep the slips handy at the classroom library in a pocket on the wall. Students take one and fill it out after reading their book. After, I display them so students can get book ideas. I love how they become an interactive part of the classroom library! This is a FREEBIE in my TpT store.

Keeping everything organized with student folders is key.

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